Design Questions

Will landscaping be included in the project improvements?

Minimal landscaping will be included as part of the project improvements in accordance with SRP design criteria for landscaping adjacent to the canal system and where not in conflict with existing overhead power line facilities.


Will the improvements be on both sides of the canal?

The improvements will be primarily located along the north bank of the Grand Canal in the Uptown Area, however neighborhood trail improvements are proposed between Central Avenue and 12th Street along the south bank of the Grand Canal. Within the Gateway North Area, improvements will only be located along the south bank of the Grand Canal.


Will there be lighting, and if so, what type?

Lighting will be included in the project. The type of lighting will be determined as the design is finalized.


How bright will the lighting be? I’m concerned it may shine in my backyard, reducing my privacy.

The design team is aware of Citizen concern over lighting levels and will factor these concerns into the lighting design.


If more people are frequenting the canal area, would this result in increased crime to the neighboring communities?

It is generally accepted that areas with high activity are less susceptible to crime. However, you may contact your nearest police precinct or other law enforcement agency to share any concerns you may have and to receive further information.




Why are the canals not fenced or bordered by railing?

Operation and maintenance of the canals is a 24/7 effort that requires unrestricted access to the canals, canal equipment, the banks, and power facilities by SRP crews.

Fencing along the edge of the canal does not ensure safety, but it does greatly limit first responders in emergency situations.


Sometimes I see short sections of fencing or railing along the canal. Why does SRP do that in those areas but not elsewhere?

These short sections of fencing or railing are installed by the cities, not SRP. The cities, in certain cases, feel this added protection is necessary for their facilities based on high traffic volumes or pedestrian activity along the sidewalks or bridges.

In some areas, SRP installs fences or rails on canal equipment to prevent injury from falls and not necessarily to protect from falling into the water.


Would it be better to cover the canals?

The cost to cover the canals and the associated expenses related to equipment adjustments and maintenance requirements are deemed an unreasonable expense to be incurred by the water users (customers). Again, this would restrict SRP access to the canals.